I recently read a very interesting blog post (linked below) that talked about a solution for loading large amounts of data into DynamoDB very quickly. Inspired by this, I thought “I’m going to build that” and see what we can do.


You can find all the source code (including Terraform for setting up the infrastructure) on my GitHub.

I’m going to reproduce some code snippets as we go through, but for the whole code base check out the GitHub link at the top.

My setup for this is pretty simple, I’m going to create a simple DynamoDB table, and invent…

The brief was simple enough — “we have a small Flask application that needs a protected area, we’d rather not roll our own so we’re thinking Cognito could work well”. It’s a smart idea, why go to the hassle of building your own authentication service when the boffins at AWS have done the thinking for you?

But integrating Cognito into a Flask app turned out to be one of those things that is really easy once you know how, but frustrating until it all clicks together. …

Martin Campbell

Senior Data Engineer at Cazoo

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